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Gianna Flores
I founded a non-profit organization my junior year that helps the elderly maintain their independence by providing free labor. H.E.A.L., Helping the Elderly Access Labor, was initially born when I was doing community service at an elderly center. Maria, a well-spoken woman, stands out the most. An immediate connection was fostered through a shared love for languages. We spoke about her long and adventurous life. The warmth I received in our conversation while speaking in Spanish reminded me of my grandma’s and gave me an immediate feeling of comfort. I learned that her independence was challenged as she could not do things for herself, which led to her living in an elderly home. I quickly came to the realization that most elderly people can remain independent if offered assistance. The nursing home became more than a place to fulfill my hours. I was going to help people like Maria maintain their independence.

Gianna Flores, CEO

Our Mission

H.E.A.L. Helping Elderly Access Labor, provides volunteer labor for seniors to help maintain there independence.

What we do

Change Light Bulbs

Replace expired light bulbs

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"I have nothing but great things to say about about HEAL. They went above and beyond my expectations. I had a broken stair they repaired and switched out all all my burnt light bulbs that were to high for me to reach."
"We really appreciate the professionalism and attention to details the HEAL volunteers provided my mom with the installation of her bathroom safety bars. My mother has recommended them to her friends and is very happy that a service like this is offered to her community."
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